Outsourcing as a business strategy

The main reason our clients decide on outsourcing is the fact that they get quality services at much lower prices than it would be possible by establishing in-house work.

By outsourcing, we call the strategic use of an external partner for the purpose of carrying out activities that traditionally internal resources oversee.

Owner and management allow you to focus on important and strategic issues and tasks and frees you from recurring and ancillary tasks that do not add value to your basic product or service.


The company is not able to maintain a high level of entrepreneurial activity unless there is a strong and decisive commitment of management and all employees are unaware of their roles and if they are not referred to the purpose and the link of their roles with the rest of the business and business processes that take place within the company.

The organizational structure of management can traditionally be divided into three levels: strategic, medium and operational. Due to its central position in the organizational structure of the company, the role of middle management is extremely important because it is reflected as a mediator between the strategic and operational level of management and is responsible for developing business strategies and long- and medium-term plans prepared by strategic management, detailed plans required by the operating level management.

According to the conducted research, most of the Croatian economy is primarily related to small and medium companies, where very often the organizational structure does not provide for a medium level of management.
In these situations, companies decide to use an external partner as a more favorable option than employment within the company.
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