Human resources management

Assessment of organizational culture and climate of enterprise

Organizational culture and climate can foster the fulfillment of vision and business strategic goals but can also be a major obstacle to their fulfillment. That is why it is extremely important to analyze and be aware of the current situation within the company.

Organizational culture represents the way of life and work in organization and consists of a system of values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors that represent the personality of the company. Very often, organizational culture is created by those who lead the company (owners, directors and managerial staff), but also the employees who work in it, whose beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are gradually shaping into the organizational culture of the company over a period of time.

While organizational culture is a way of life and work in the organization, the organizational climate denotes the prevailing atmosphere in the organization, from the level of morals to the feeling of belonging and motivation of individual members of the organization. It is important to point out that a positive organizational climate can significantly increase the company's productivity and thus the fulfillment of strategic goals.

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