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Business consulting

Company's value systems are created since its inception. What happens when there is no expected result?

Finantial Management

Liquidity is one of the most important prerequisites for the smooth running of modern business operations.

Human Resource Management and Potential Development

If you are not satisfied with the current human resource management method, we have solutions for you!

Wingwave coaching, NLP coaching, Stress management

NLP is also successfully used in leadership, business, sports, education, counseling and other areas

Our Mission

OUR MISSION is to recognize the needs and reveal the causes of all the forms of business challenges our customers encounter and offer them quality and practice-friendly solutions for long-term successful growth and development.

In order to provide our clients with quality support in realizing the set goals and implementation of the idea, besides relying on our own potential, we also carefully select the team of experts we work with.

We like to be different from others and, through our clients' satisfaction, feel their own satisfaction and success in what we do! Our best reward comes from our clients when they recognize our value and accept us as part of their team.


Our services are primarily intended for small and medium-sized companies that are striving for further development, enhancement of their business, and increased profitability and added value.

Also, our clients are often those who, due to rapid development and focus on growth and market acquisition, have missed the implementation of "internal infrastructure", which simultaneously follows the growth of the company. It is a moment when they realize that their current organization, set rules and procedures are not enough to make the expected results with all the efforts and resources invested.

We are proud of the fact that offering the expertise of an external consultant and the knowledge and competency of the financial director helped us survive on the market for years since cooperation with us clients consistently bring measurable financial and operating results.


Our services

Our services derive from long business experience in small, medium and large entrepreneurship, in the international and Croatian environment.

Free counseling


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